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Wildebeest Games Independent Game Development

From the early nineties Wildebeest Games have created small independent titles for PC with a particular emphasis on physics based gameplay. All of the games on this site are free, simply download them, unzip them, and then run them - no DRM or protection whatsoever.

There's a donate button on each games page - so if you've played one and enjoyed it, we'd be really grateful for any contributions.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback in general we'd be glad to hear it, so please do drop us an email at this address:    

Please bear in mind that most of these titles are a few years old, so it's possible you might have some trouble running them on newer machines (you do run these games at your own risk). With that said we've had all of them running on Windows 10 machines with no issues at all. Fire us an email through if you have bother and we'll try and have a look at it for you.

More recently we have started to create newer versions of some of the games using unreal engine (Detonate and Vertigo for example). Progress is not as fast as we'd like due to other commitments but we do hope to have something to show you shortly.

Finally - sincere thanks to all the kind people who have supported us over the past twenty years plus !